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Small Satellite Reaction Wheels

CubeWheel is a satellite reaction wheel that comes in small, small+, medium and large sizes. It allows you to control the attitude of your satellite.

It includes a highly balanced flywheel disc, a brushless electrical motor, an electronic driver and a microcontroller circuit. The wheels can be given a speed reference command through I2C, UART or CAN, and they integrate easily with any ADCS.

In orbit since 2014


Easy interfaces

  • Each wheel is mountable on its small or large face, which enables the option to mount the wheel in all axes of your satellite.
  • The wheels can operate at a wide range of voltages between 6.5V and 16V.
  • Comes with all driving and interfacing electronics integrated into a complete package

Modular design

  • Wheel size influences the maximum slew rates the satellite can handle, the total momentum the wheels can store, and even the size of the vibrations and torque ripple on the satellite.
  • There are four sizes available specifically scaled to meet the typical small satellite ADCS needs from 2-unit CubeSat to satellite up to 25kg.
  • Designed to be as modular as possible with shared electronics designs between all sizes of wheels.

Reliable package

  • Each reaction wheel is individually balanced to reduce vibration.
  • All wheels provide a mounting interface that is durable and reliable under vibration.
  • The wheels are fitted with a solid 14-pin screw-down connector to ensure a reliable electrical connection under mechanical stress.


CubeWheel Small

CubeWheel Small+

CubeWheel Medium

CubeWheel Large

Operating temperature-10°C to 60°C-10°C to 60°C-10°C to 60°C-10°C to 60°C
Vibration14g RMS8.9g RMS8.9g RMS8.9g RMS
Supply voltage3V3 & 6.4-16V3V3 & 6.4-16V3V3 & 6.4-16V3V3 & 6.4-16V
Average power (2000 rpm)150mW190mW190mW350mW
Peak power0.65W2.3W2.3W4.5W
Speed range±8000±6000±6000±6000
Momentum @ max speed1.77mNms3.6mNms10.82mNms30.61mNms
Max torque0.23mNm2.3mNm1mNm2.3mNm
Static imbalance<0.003 g·cm<0.004 g·cm<0.004 g·cm<0.006 g·cm
Dynamic imbalance<0.005 g·cm<0.014 g·cm<0.014 g·cm<0.05 g·cm
Order info
Base price

USD 4,700
per wheel

USD 13,550
for 3 wheels

USD 5,950
per wheel

USD 17,150
for 3 wheels

USD 6,850
per wheel

USD 19,730
for 3 wheels

USD 7,850
per wheel

USD 22,600
for 3 wheels

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Prices include worldwide shipment and insurance. Not sure which option is required for your mission? Please get in touch.


Option sheet

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User Manual

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CAD Model

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To continuously improve our system so that all satellite builders globally can benefit from an ADCS product with unmatched maturity, at an affordable price.



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