Introducing CubeADCS Gen 2

Taking the next step

Following five years of in-orbit success of CubeADCS and almost 80 systems delivered, CubeSpace is taking the next step to offer an integrated ADCS that is modular and can be sized to fit all mission profiles. Gen 2 offers the level of reliability satellite integrators and constellation operators expect.

Standardized yet optimized

CubeADCS Gen 2 is built around a standardized core that can be mass produced and that includes our radiation-tolerant ADCS computer. The core is used to run the ADCS algorithms, provides interfaces to the sensors and actuators and communicates with the on-board computer on the satellite. Thanks to this modular approach and matured components, which are based on our flight-proven hardware and software, we can provide a system that is both optimized for each mission and that can be mass produced. Depending on the mission requirements, the orbit and the satellite size, we can select different sensors and actuators from either our extensive range of products or supported systems from our partners. The components are connected to the core with little to no effort thanks to our unified software architecture. The mechanical and electrical interfaces with the satellite may be customized to adapt to any specific spacecraft design. A high level of automation is used in our production for constant high quality, low cost and short lead times.

Common design shared with all components

All Gen 2 products are built around a common electronic design and share a new unified software architecture. This simplifies the design, production and maintenance of both hardware and software, thus ensuring the best quality and shortest lead times at a reasonable price. Three main functional common blocks are used in all CubeSpace components.

  • The Power Protection block includes latch-up protection, over-current, and under-current protection circuitry. Our systems typically require a combination of 3.3V, 5V and battery voltage.
  • The Communication block is the data interface to either CubeADCS or the satellite on-board computer. All of our Gen 2 systems support CAN, I2C, UART, RS-422 and RS-485 as standard. Our software is optimized to allow fast implementation of industry standard as well as custom protocols.
  • The Processing & Memory block is common to all CubeSpace components, and uses the same electronic design to simplify hardware maintenance and software development and updates. The selected processor and memory chips were selected for their high tolerance to total dose radiation and single-event upsets.


CubeSense Earth

CubeSense Earth is an infrared horizon sensor that can provide pitch/roll measurements both in sunlight and in eclipse.

CubeSense Sun

CubeSense Sun uses the same lens and sensor as the previous generation but in an even smaller form factor.

CubeStar Gen 2

CubeStar Gen 2 offers improved tracking performance, higher rates and tolerance to higher vibration loads than Gen 1.

CubeWheel Gen 2

CubeWheel Gen 2 takes advantage of tight integration between the motor and the flywheel to provide more momentum in a very compact form factor. High-quality vacuum-rated bearings are used to increase the mission lifetime and tolerance to the launch loads from all common launch vehicle.

CubeTorquer Gen 2

CubeTorquer Gen 2 is a scalable family of magnetorquers. Like the first generation, it uses a specially-treated ferrous core with ultra-low remanence and high linearity. The new design includes smaller brackets and a new connector to simplify integration into any satellite.


Can I still buy the Gen 1 products?

Yes, we will continue to manufacture and support the Gen 1 products for clients who want to prioritize flight heritage over the improvements offered by Gen 2. As the Gen 2 products gain flight heritage, we will announce the end of life timeline of Gen 1 and gradually phase it out. All our Gen 1 and Gen 2 clients can of course count on our support throughout their missions.

When will the Gen 2 products be available?

We are taking pre-orders now and we expect to deliver the first production units by March 2021. Please contact us to request a quotation. Meanwhile, the pre-production maiden flight units are on track to be delivered before the end of the year.

  • Aug 2020: Gen 2 products announcement
  • Oct 2020: Qualification completed
  • Dec 2020: Pre-prod FM delivered
  • Mar 2021: First FM delivered

What flight heritage does Gen 2 have?

The Gen 2 products are being qualified now and have not been used in satellites yet. The first unit is expected to fly in Q2 or Q3 of 2021. Most electronic components used have flight heritage on other CubeSpace products and all the new products are being requalified in vacuum, vibration and radiation to ensure they match or outperform the Gen 1 products.

How do I select the right components for my mission?

We work together before any order is placed to discuss your mission and needs and propose a selection of sensors and actuators to meet your requirements. As part of the process we also provide you with a simulation report showing the expected performance under the conditions and constraints that are unique to your mission. All of this is free of charge and comes with no string attached.

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Our mission:

To continuously improve our system so that all satellite builders globally can benefit from an ADCS product with unmatched maturity, at an affordable price.



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