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The ideal solution for small spacecraft that only need to fly in a stable attitude

For the majority of CubeSat missions the payload's ADCS requirement is to be 3-Axis stabilized, with the payload pointing nadir or in the flight direction. We have developed a very robust, low-power system for achieving this using a very compact bundle of hardware components. This unit has been refined through flight experience, and this second-generation Y-Momentum bundle is truly the ADCS ‘sweet spot’ for small CubeSats.

Looking for a more agile and higher performance system?
Read about CubeADCS 3-Axis

Typical applications

The Y-Momentum bundle is used for missions where a 3-axis stable system is required but the pointing performance requirements are relaxed. The single momentum wheel provides good disturbance rejection which makes it possible to keep the satellite 3-axis stable using magnetic control.

General, low-resolution Earth observation missions

Scientific missions where the payload must be pointed in the velocity direction

Communication missions that can be improved by doing tracking in the pitch direction


The following modes are available in the default bundle:

  • Detumble the satellite and bring it to a controlled spin using the magnetorquers
  • Stabilize the attitude in the orbit using a combination of the momentum wheel and magnetorquers
  • Perform pitch maneuvers within the orbital plane by controlling the momentum wheel’s speed

Random tumble

Controlled spin

Orbit stabilized

Orbital pitch pointing

The performance of the system depends, among others, on the following items: (i) Moment of inertia and mass of the satellite, (ii) Orbital parameters (in particular the altitude and inclination), (iii) Magnetic dipoles in the satellite and aerodynamic properties (especially in the case of deployable solar arrays). Please contact us to get more information about the expected performance for your spacecraft

What's included?

Base price: USD 24,700


with Compiled Magnetic ADCS Control Program (ACP)


CubeWheel Small

Deployable magnetometer

10x coarse sun sensors

2x CubeTorquer Rods

1x CubeTorquer Coil

Upgrade options:

Upgrade to CubeWheel Small+

(+ USD 1,250)

Upgrade to CubeWheel Medium

(+ USD 2,150)

Upgrade to CubeWheel Large

(+ USD 3,150)

Upgrade to CubeTorquer Medium

(+ USD 820)

Upgrade to CubeTorquer Large

(+ USD 2,100)

Redundant magnetometer

(+ USD 2000)

Add CubeSense

(+ USD 2,100 per sensor)

Add CubeStar

(+ USD 13,500)

Custom algorithms API to allow custom controllers

(+ USD 3,300)

Prices include worldwide shipment and insurance. Not sure which option is required for your mission? Please get in touch.


CubeADCS Y-Momentum

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CubeADCS Y-Momentum
User manual

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We are ready to provide you with a quotation for the Y Momentum integrated ADCS.

You can also contact us to discuss your use case.

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Our mission:

To continuously improve our system so that all satellite builders globally can benefit from an ADCS product with unmatched maturity, at an affordable price.



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