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Make ADCS play nice

The ADCS integration into the satellite is as important as the subsystem itself with regards to achieving the maximum performance.

An ADCS unit can provide a high level of performance but it needs to work perfectly with the rest of the satellite to reach its full potential. Several factors, such as the control of the relative mechanical alignments, the thermal and magnetic environment, as well as the aerodynamic design of the satellite will have an impact on the error budget and add inaccuracies.

The calibration of the sensors after integration into the satellite and minutious testing of the entire system is key to a successful ADCS system. Moreover, in-orbit verification and fine tuning may be necessary to improve the system even further and make sure it meets all the requirements in its operating environment.

We can help after delivery, too!

At CubeSpace we not only build and test our systems to get the best out of them, we can also support you during the integration and early operations (commissioning phase) of your satellites.

We offer flexible and extensive support packages to help you achieve your mission and stay focused on your main objectives.


Standard support

We provide technical support and answer questions about our systems to all our clients. This is included with every CubeSpace product.

Included in product price

Optional extra

Integration package

Would you like us to help you with the integration of the ADCS and the system-level testing? We can do this remotely or even come to your facilities to help.

Price on request

Optional extra

Commissioning package

The launch of a satellite is not the end of our work. Some fine tuning and improvements are still possible in orbit and we can help you with getting your ADCS up and running.

Price on request

Get started

Please reach out to us for more information and the pricing of the optional support packages.

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Our mission:

To continuously improve our system so that all satellite builders globally can benefit from an ADCS product with unmatched maturity, at an affordable price.



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