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Enable cutting-edge learning experiences

As a spin-off from the University of Stellenbosch, we have research and education at heart.

We have worked with teams of students all around the world to provide development units and support to new CubeSat missions.


We offer three options which are tailored to your educational objectives, expertise, timeline, and budget.

Do it yourself

You have:

  • Students specializing in ADCS or control theory in general
  • A willingness to take some risks to fly a non-proven system
  • Limited budget

Our solution:

Make use of our flight-proven ADCS components such as CubeSense and CubeWheel and assemble the ADCS system yourself.

Example use case:

A mission designed to teach the students how to become ADCS systems engineers.

Our hardware, your software

You have:

  • Students specializing in ADCS software or control theory in general but who want to rely on proven hardware to test their algorithms
  • The need to run custom algorithms to perform the mission

Our solution:

We can provide CubeADCS with user functions allowing you to write your own filters and controllers, while having the ability to fall back on our algorithms!

Example use case:

Students are tasked to design a new type of controller or need to implement a very specific type of algorithm. CubeSpace will still provide the standard algorithms. This includes among others detumbling, nadir pointing, 3-axis inertial pointing and target tracking.

Leave the ADCS to us

You have:

  • A mission requiring a proven ADCS
  • A primary objective to design a part of the satellite that is not the ADCS
  • Students with little or no experience in ADCS

Our solution:

Our CubeADCS bundles provides all the necessary components and are ready to support your mission.

Example use case:

Students are tasked to design a new payload and will make use of a satellite bus and ADCS provided by the industry.

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Software options

Our robust and proven systems can be used to support any kind of mission. They are also great as an education platform as our open software architecture can be used to let researchers and students develop their own algorithms to control our hardware.

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For the most hands-on clients, we can also provide our ADCS components on their own and leave the system integration to you.

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Our mission:

To continuously improve our system so that all satellite builders globally can benefit from an ADCS product with unmatched maturity, at an affordable price.



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