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Don't let ADCS derail your mission.

Reduce the technical risks by relying on a proven ADCS, built by specialists.

A satellite spacecraft is launched for a reason: to accomplish a certain mission. Satellite integrators and operators should focus their resources on that mission and can outsource other tasks and supporting equipment. ADCS requires expertise in multiple fields such as control engineering, mechanical and electronics engineering, systems engineering and embedded software engineering. It can easily eat up resources on a project. CubeSpace is here to help you overcome your ADCS challenges.

Choose the proven solution.

Get peace of mind with a turnkey ADCS solution that reduces cost and risk.

Built by ADCS specialists

CubeSpace focuses solely on ADCS design and solutions and can deliver complete solutions to satellite integrators and operators.


Systems are available for one-off missions and constellations alike. Our ADCS solutions include the hardware (sensors and actuators) as well as the complete suite of algorithms.

Solid flight heritage

Our ADCS solutions have flight heritage since 2014 and we have delivered more than 70 units to satellite missions — around 30 of which have been launched to date!

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How our process sets us apart

We gather your mission requirements.

Unlike other subsystems, ADCS has interfaces to and influences on all the other parts of the satellite, including mechanical, power, thermal and EMI/EMC. The performance of the ADCS is tied not only to the other subsystems themselves, but also to the spacecraft as a whole and the orbit it is flying in.

We suggest a possible solution.

We provide you with a good starting point and, if necessary, refine your spacecraft and mission design to optimize the ADCS performance.

We prepare a simulation report for free.

You now have a clear idea of the expected performance of the proposed solution early in the design process. This is backed up by our validated simulation tools.

We send you a straightforward quotation.

You now have a complete proposal in your hands, including all the associated costs (shipment and insurance included!) as well as a solid technical description of the system and its performance.

You place your order, your way.

We can adapt to your procurement process. We have worked with big and small private and public organizations.

Let’s build your system!

We get started with our production process as soon as the order is in. We provide you with constant updates and feedback during the whole process.

We are here to help after delivery, too. All our units include support and we can assist you during both integration and in-orbit operation. Learn more.


We're ready to discuss your needs.

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Our mission:

To continuously improve our system so that all satellite builders globally can benefit from an ADCS product with unmatched maturity, at an affordable price.



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