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Leading in custom ADCS solutions

Specialist expertise through rapid iteration

We combine our background in academia, culture of rapid learning, and broader vision to deliver superior products that meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

  • First flights in 2014
  • 40 missions in orbit using our ADCS
  • 70 ADCS units delivered
  • 250 reaction wheels shipped

Our approach

Our high-performance DNA gives us the edge.

Born from academia

Our key partners, who have formed a fundamental part of our roots, are Stellenbosch University (SU), Innovus and the LaunchLab. Part of our mission is to give back to SU by stimulating the industry in South Africa and by providing job opportunities for young engineers in a high-technology environment like the satellite industry, as well as by supporting postgraduate researchers through bursaries.

A culture of rapid learning

The passion that initially turns ideas into action is core to the culture of our company. We at CubeSpace try to make our passion for innovation, space and control systems an integral part of everything we do. We design, build, test and support innovative, high quality, miniaturized satellite components, with a strong focus on control systems. We love learning and we value feedback. We aim to continuously improve our products by listening to our clients and learning from our mistakes with the end-goal of contributing the most robust possible solution to the industry.

A broader vision

We envision ourselves as partners, not suppliers, and pride ourselves on superior craftsmanship, flexibility and adaptability with our offerings and our good customer support. We believe we are contributing to an industry that opens the door to space for everyone and we aim to do this by providing user-friendly, robust and intuitive products that can be trusted. In the process, we strive to contribute significantly to the technological advancement of humankind through the growth of the space industry.

We are CubeSpace, and we're here to help you.

CubeSpace consists of a team of passionate people, carefully selected, with a shared goal to innovate and create technology that contributes to the growth of the space industry. We have learnt valuable lessons by providing integrated ADCS systems to over 70 satellites, each with different requirements. We take all this experience and combine it into the ultimate suite of ADCS products that are optimised for all small satellites, especially constellations. Our next phase of development will see more automation in our production process to further increase efficiency and reduce lead times for our customers.

With this unique combination of a great team, extensive heritage, and drive to always improve of our products and processes, we can accomplish our mission:

...to continuously improve our system so that all satellite builders globally can benefit from an ADCS product with unmatched maturity, at an affordable price.

— Mike-Alec Kearney, CEO

Our team

Mike-Alec Kearney


Gerhard Janse van Vuuren

Head of Software
and ADCS

Christo Groenewald

Head of Engineering

Benoit Chamot

Head of Sales and Marketing

Hendrik Burger

Head of Operations


June 2014

First two ADCS units in orbit

August 2017

CubeSpace officially spins off from Stellenbosch University

May 2018

100 reaction wheels built and delivered

December 2018

First star trackers in orbit, all products now have flight heritage

September 2019

Company size reaches 15 employees

March 2020

Release of new CubeIR sensor providing all-orbit performance

We're ready to help.

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Our mission:

To continuously improve our system so that all satellite builders globally can benefit from an ADCS product with unmatched maturity, at an affordable price.



Contact us

+27(79) 945 9957 ·

The LaunchLab,
Hammanshand Road,
Stellenbosch, 7600,
South Africa

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